Hubungan Karakteristik Ibu Hamil Dan Jarak Kehamilan Dengan Kejadian Anemia Ibu Hamil Di Unit Pelaksana Teknis Daerah Puskesmas Mampang

  • Siti Nurbaiti Akademi Kebidanan Bhakti Asih Cileduk Tangerang
Keywords: Distance Pregnancy, Anemia, Descriptive Analytical, Cross Sectional, Chi Square


This  study  focused  on  "Relationship  Characteristics  Distance  Pregnancy Pregnancy And Anemia With Genesis Pregnancy In Regional Technical Implementation Unit PHC Mampang Year 2015". Because according to the data register of pregnant women with anemia increased. Variables studied consisted of: maternal age, parity, spacing pregnancies and education. When the study in June2015. The study design using a descriptive analytic with cross sectional approac The type of data taken with the secondary data is data that is retrieved through the registers of pregnant women in the Regional Technical Implementation Unit PHC Mampang. Data were analyzed using chi-square


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